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Bienvenidos a esta casa!

We are a family business looking to give the customer an authentic dining experience based on the real flavors of Colombian food. From the strip district to the south side, we are now able to provide customers with a wide range of arepas and native dishes.

Our Food

Gluten Free:

80% of our menu is GLUTEN FREE
The few items that are not GF will be marked at the restaurant


Vegetarian items will be marked—we have many! 

Please let us know if you have any allergies.



AREPA: Grilled homemade corn patty

CHICHARRONES: Fried pork belly

CHORIZO: Colombian style sausage

AJI: Spicy sauce that contains tomatoes, cilantro, and onions

SIROPE: organic raw cane sugar, lime, and cinnamon

MADUROS: Sweet plantains

TOSTONES: Crispy fried green plantains

HOGAO: Tomato-onion Colombian creole sauce

YUCA: Cassava